self portrait


Savages: Adore

your hostess at asphalt and air


serving up unrequested illustrations, analogue photography and links to music since 2007


Stereo Total: I Love You Ono

heart swells



A tune for fallow times.

Emily Wells: Symphony 1 in the Barrel of a Gun



they’re all gone by now…


They’re all gone by now. But they were golden while it lasted.

ghost trees standing in the light on a riverbed



When I can’t get to the sea, then I guess a river will do…

Julia Holter: Sea Calls Me Home (live on KEXP)

copper and gold


Lanterns on the Lake: Faultlines

i am a small blue thing


Her voice soothes me.

Daughter: Doing The Right Thing

what i do when you’re out



Let’s slow it down….with this

Joshua Abrams: By Way of Odessa 

it’ll be cold there without you



A tune for today.

Quilt: Just Dust


me caught on camera (by my 4-year-old daughter)


I don’t show up here much. So I thought I’d show you what I look like through my daughter’s eyes. Here’s a picture of me taken by my four-year-old.

Me with a water bottle, a trench coat and a bit of barbed wire in the background; my bag slung over my shoulder overloaded with sketchbooks and a vintage camera.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look at what I do. I feel gratitude for you all.

Sera Cahoone: Naked

(because that’s how I feel when I’m in front of the camera and not behind it)