Sept 25 – Oct 16: Atelier Portrait in Zürich

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From September 25 – October 16 I’ll be working in Zürich on the Birmensdorferstrasse 201 at an event called Atelier Portrait.

Along with 11 of my artist friends, we’ll be setting up shop and playing with the theme of portrait.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your portrait done as a painting, screenprint, stencil, comic, or drawing. Let us know.

More information can be found at: atelierportrait15

Artists participating:

Chantal Barras, Jürg Steiner, Laura Jurt, Jonas Schocher, Matthias Graber, Su Suana, Claudia Weik, Kathrin Spühler, Gabriela Maier, Kristen Haas Curtis, and Lilian Caprez

innocent bystanders


Illustration inspired by a real-life comic artist, Kristen, the head mistress of Sleepless Beekeeper.


sing this corrosion to me



So you’ve probably figured out by now that I really like analogue photography, illustration and music.

Music is a passion that runs really deep. But it’s also work. Finding good stuff to listen to can sometimes be time consuming and just plain hard.

The other day, I got an idea to invite another artist to pick some music to go with my photos. So I wrote an email to Miz K.

Here are the two lovely songs she chose:

Lambchop: This Corrosion

The Great Lake Swimmers: Where in the World are You

You can find Miz K’s art here and here.

Thanks Miz K!

scarlet & gold and a bar of soap



I’m exploring a new world. I’ve got a side gig shadowing a master framemaker and gilder. She’s showing me the ins and outs of custom framing. It’s a good place to be.

Isn’t her bar of soap lovely? The erosion in the bar is from washing out paintbrushes.

I’ve always loved the word ‘tessellate’.

A very nice song. Alt-J: Tessellate


turn the camera 90 degrees.

How to take a vertical photo? Turn the camera 90 degrees.
These are the instructions in one of my vintage camera manuals.
Somehow it’s not that simple for me.
I got stuck a while back in the horizontal mode and turning the camera 90 degrees is suddenly a big deal.
In 2012 I’d like to try to change that. Let’s start here with a photo from Erikastrasse 11, my sweet little atelier that I share with the amazing, Laura Jurt.

a favorite

Probably my favorite from the last roll taken with my Lomo Fisheye…

A few other favorites to share with you:

An Australian jeweler whose work makes my heart go pitter pat.

An American textile designer whose work is infused with fierce passion and soft love.

studios on the erikastrasse

Top photo: my studio with a broken lightbulb on the floor

Bottom photo: Michel Casarramona’s studio window

Happy weekend to you all!

old playful things

Anyone care to slide over the stream or send a ball swishing through the hoop?

These playful old things were in the garden at  Gîte la Combe, where we stayed during our Jura holiday.

On another note, this little purring friend is most deserving of a fundraiser.

Stop by and have a look at the goodies that are up for grabs. Pinky Leon (and his most charming mistress Shash) are such sweethearts. Help em out!

perfectly imperfect

The last photo from a recent roll of film in my Rollei camera spans two frames. Another reason to love analogue.

It’s perfectly imperfect.

Another thing that’s perfectly imperfect are my blogging skills. I’m not blogging in a bubble.

I go out and read your blogs. I promise I do. I’ve decided to start posting some links to my very favorite ways to while away a few minutes from my day.

Here goes:

DARLING I SAID // DARLING I SAID is the perfect place to make me want to simultaneously make preserves and create something unusual to wear.

something old becomes new again

I found out about iHanna’s postcard swap and signed myself up having no idea what I’d make.

It turned out to be a good opportunity to make use of some old photos that I found. The photos had been put out in a bag on the sidewalk (including negatives!) here in Zürich.

The photos are dated 1967 and they show Swiss farmers in their homes, in their gardens, in their fields and in their barns.

For the 10 postcards, I took a photo and put it in old-fashioned photo corners. Then, I picked up the pattern in the farmers’ dresses and made a little drawing.

Now that I’ve finised my cards, I’ll take them to the post…and then I can wait to see what arrives in my mailbox in the days to come.