wonders often come in small packages





A special (belated) thank you to Gracia+Louise for sending me some of their beautiful, whimsical work! Pictured above is the zine, CLOSING MY EYES, IT IS POSSIBLE TO IMAGINE MYSELF ANYWHERE BUT WHERE I AM (I)

by Gracia Haby. Both Gracia and Louise are ladies after my own heart; they like to indulge in the things that dreams are made of.

a tribute to a photographer i admire




Today’s post is dedicated to Abby of abby try again. Her love for analogue photography has been one of my biggest motivations for my latest adventures in film.

Many thanks Abby for being an inspiration to me!

Dear readers, Abby is offering free shipping this weekend. Hurry up and have a look!

nacht markt: sonntag abend in zürich


For those of you in or near Zürich, I’ll be setting up a stand at the Nacht Markt on Sunday, December 20th.

At the stand, I’ll have some of my illustrations and screenprints for sale. I’ll also be joined by a very good friend who will be selling her wonderful handmade soap.

If you’re around, do stop by and say hello!

because handmade is goodness


Because handmade gifts are beautiful in so many ways, I encourage you to take the pledge.

I have.

Here are just a few of the shops where beautiful handmade goodies are available:

Marie-Louise Sunqvist, Ceramics and Prints

Karin Kramer aka Eddy & Edwina, Jewelry and Prints

Ambika aka Into the Fray, Jewelry and Sewn Goodies

Susan aka Sulu-Design, Jewelry

Chelsea aka plainMADE, Knit and Sewn Goodness

a scene from everyday life


Broad Shirt made by the ever so lovely Le Bouton Studio.

Handmade = More Beauty in Everyday Life



This post was inspired by Rynke’s STOP post

Every time I see this building with the pink dots I have this wonderful ah-ha! feeling. Don’t know how to describe it any better…but it does make me STOP in my tracks every time. So this time, I stopped long enough to photograph.

this is the monster…

monster…who wakes me up every morning much earlier than I’d like to…



Thanks to Alexandra, Mette & Maria

These three lovely ladies tagged me. So I played along.

11 little things: a tag


1. Clothes shop – A little bit from here and a little bit from there. It’s best to mix it up. On my list this week, Saus und Braus in Zürich.

2. Furniture shop – At best, furniture should be vintage and carried across the city by hand. 

3. Sweet – Really dark chocolate will make me happy every time. 

4. City – Zürich has stolen my heart but Portland, Oregon will always be a close second. And on the days when I’m a happy dreamer: Copenhagen.

5. Drink – I’ve never said no to a lovingly poured glass of port wine.

6. Music – Currently enjoying No Kids, Tilly and the Wall, My Brightest Diamond and Grinderman (Nick Cave will always be one of my biggest crushes!).

7. TV-series – I don’t like the idea of committing to a series. However, Twin Peaks on dvd is a wonderful reason to stay indoors all day.

8. Film – Too many favorites to list them all. Here are a few: Coffee & Cigarettes, The Science of Sleep, The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover, and Tuvalu.

9. Workout – Fine as long as it’s followed by a relaxing sauna.

10. Pastries – The ones with fruit, eaten while walking outdoors on blustery days. Mmm…

11. Coffee – I give in to him at least 4 times a day and when time are tough…up to six. But every girl needs to have her limits.

Thanks so much for the tag, Famapa! It was fun.

I tag!

Alexandra and Alice

wishing a certain someone…


Today I am wishing a certain someone a very special birthday and wishing her many more adventures and dreams and celebrations!