for the love of wallpaper



Such a charming place with such charming wallpaper, Gasthaus zum guten Glück

Song for a day like today: The Knife, Heartbeats

A blog that’s new to me and one that I’m liking very much: Lea Bolvig

when in Basel…


When in Basel, do drop in to the Holzofen Bäckeri Bio Andreas and pick up their version of a Schnägge.

I promise that it’ll sweeten just about any day especially when paired with a cappucino from Sutter’s in the train station.

If you’re not feeling slightly sweet and instead feeling slightly cynical: A Lover I Don’t Have to Love by Bright Eyes

christmas eve was all about…



I know that this isn’t a cooking blog. But Christmas Eve this year was all about the food so I decided to post about it. We stayed in and feasted with a simple menu.

To start: Blaues Wunder (a blue cheese made near Bern) and walnuts

In between: A salad of arugula, red onions and pine nuts with a balsamic dressing

The main: Salmon en Croute with herbed portobello mushroom and broccoli

To finish (not pictured here): Dark Chocolate Mousse

simple evening at home


A simple evening at home is often best enjoyed with a plate of cheese and a glass of red wine.

On this plate: Riblaire Goat Cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano and a Swiss Cheese from Ticino called Gottardo.

Friday findings:

Architecture in Helsinki has a fab new website (Heart it Races always manages to make me feel good, have a listen)

The photography of Theodora Allen

A wonderful Telescopic Text

Wishing to go and see the Francis Bacon Exhibition at the Tate

evening drink


An early evening cappuccino at Schwarzenbach Café in the Zürich old town. Always a nice place to sit outside and enjoy watching the people stroll by.

I’ve been enjoying these two new blogs lately:

for you, for me

Just Don’t Tell Them Elks About It

Have you got any new music tips for me? My playlist is looking more than repetitive lately. I think that help is required. All suggestions are welcome.

a wish and a cup of coffee


The wish is that a certain someone will take me to one of my favorite Zürich restaurants.

The cup of coffee was to prepare me for the second round of interviews. Many thanks for all of your lovely comments last time, they really worked!!!

escape to uto kino


Sunday afternoon, I escaped to Uto Kino for a movie. When I’m in a movie theater, it often feels like my life has been put on “pause” and sometimes that’s exactly the right feeling to have.

The movie: A Thousand Years of Good Prayers

Food was a main feature in the movie. At times it even made me hungry to watch them eat.

A fabulous food blog that is new to me: Smitten Kitchen

how do you peach tart?


Alexandra had a wonderful post entitled, How to Apple Pie.

I was not only inspired but also hungry. So I went to the supermarket and came away with peaches instead of apples.

Here’s what happened:

1. Wash the peaches

2. Poach the peaches

3. Peel their skins away and slice

4. Eggs and sugar are always good

5. Cream and cognac are even better

6. Don’t forget to cheat and buy a pie crust at the market!

7. Put her in the oven

8. Eat on the balcony (as a naughty dinner for one)

one day closer to being close to teuscher


Time is ticking quite quickly here in Portland, Oregon. It won’t be long now and we’ll be soaring overhead in a jet plane on our way to Switzerland.

That means that I’m one day closer to being close to Teuscher. And that’s a very good thing indeed!

The posts might be slightly erratic around here for the next week or so. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day and not enough coffee and chocolate to get through my whole to-do list…

Wish me luck!

sweet reminder…

alma chocolate

I am very much looking forward to seeing some of you this evening at the delightful Alma Chocolate shop!

Beginning sometime after 5 and ending sometime after 7.

Chocolate, wine and friends on a Friday…what more could a girl ask for???