breakfast by copper, teal and lamp glow

more lampslampscopper patina

Three photos from a breakfast place, Bar Carlo, that don’t feel like breakfast at all.

Happy Sunday to you all! I hope that the day floats by slowly and leaves you feeling dreamy.

when five years doesn’t feel like all that long

hochzeitstagtwo candlesglasscandles after dark

Today, my sweet and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary. We are both very lucky to think that it hasn’t felt like all that long.

Celebration with Sangria in the garden. Such a lovely summer drink and so easy to make.

Music: Björk, Alarm Clock

random assortment

coffee and sweet thingchairsdoug fir

Coffee and a pastry from Nuvrei…delicious.

Stack of mini Eames chairs…silly.

Too dark photo from Doug Fir…good music.

I hope that your week also got off to a good start.

hot lazy, hot lips saturday

hotlipsbeer and pizza

Hot as in hovering around 100 degrees.

Pizza as in roasted garlic, asparagus, shitaki mushroom and chèvre.

Oh! how I love Hot Lips Pizza! Kiss, kiss!

31 is a good number

pix coffeepixcake

The day was filled with amazing food, delicious coffee, sweets and more sweets.

It was a very good day to turn 31…

Music (played in Pix Patisserie by the waitress but somehow perfect for me):

Jane’s Addiction, Devo and Smashing Pumpkins

spring-like: asparagus

asparagusasparagus lined up

Asparagus is a sure sign of spring. With the current state of Portland weather, eating asparagus is the only thing that I can do to forget about the winter. Eat asparagus and hope for a bit of sunshine.

I hope that you, too, will be delighted by the super-natural work of Tiffany Bozic.

For your listening pleasure: my mellow mix on Muxtape

edible sunshine

edible sunshineOkay, if the sun isn’t going to actually shine anytime soon. At least, I can put some edible sunshine on the dinner table.

I don’t usually blog about food (because it’s another one of my obsessions and I would need a whole new blog to capture all of my thoughts and suggestions and recipes) but this time I just have to.

Here’s one of my favorite winter salads:

Finely chopped fennel

Orange slices

Freshly ground black pepper

Sea salt

A very good cold-pressed olive oil

This salad was served with a dinner of pork tenderloin, herbed quinoa and crimini mushrooms sauteed in sage butter. And of course there was a local red wine (as the glass indicates).


arrival of autumn

pearl windowAutumn has most certainly arrived. The color palette of the city has suddenly changed and I am now enveloped in rusts, greys, greens and golds. Autumn not only brings with it new hues but a new freshness in the air. I can’t seem to get enough of walks lately. And with the walks come the need for nibbles. Today was delicious with treats from Vita Cafe and Blossoming Lotus.

your local monster

lasagnaThis little monster was found on Alberta Street. He’s the lasagna monster. Alberta Street doesn’t usually serve up lasagna. At every chance that I get, I find my way over to Random Order Coffeehouse for something incredible like the Rhubarb and Cardamom Pie with whipped cream.

But back to the monster theme. I had the aural pleasure of being serenaded by the wonderfully wacky Octopus Project from Austin, TX.  A band which definitely enjoys a few good monsters.

Thanks to one of my favorite monsters for the recommendation!

ever wondered what happens when…


ever wondered what would happen if your 4-month-old kitten was sassy, clever and quick enough to steal your maple-syrup-drenched pancake scraps from the dining room table? she’d then proceed to run around the apartment in a sugar induced craze, scale vertical surfaces, sing a shrill meowing song about kitty revolution and then as a finale – throw herself on the floor and bite her own toes!