…memento mori…


Molly Nilsson: I Hope You Die

a man and his cat (from the sketchbook)


Musée Mécanique: A Wish We Spoke

ewz stattkino: zürich






EWZ Stattkino

Movie: Memories of Matsuko

Live Music: Tim and Puma Mimi

more room for nonsense


Dear, sweet readers,

A little note from your humble hostess. I’m making more room for nonsense in my life.

As part of this, I’m going to experiment here a little bit more and not think and think and think before posting a photo and/or a drawing and/or a message.

Another thing that I’m going to do is shut down the comments. It’s not that I don’t appreciate your kind words, because I truly have appreciated each and every one of them. My intention is to get rid of the feeling of obligation to leave a comment when you stop by. 

Let’s see what happens. Right. Here goes!


erika, you’re the girl for me






A while back, I mentioned a little place that I like to call Erika. Well, I’ve been spending more and more time with Erika and there’s been ink and there’s been graphite and there’s been gouache. We’re having a jolly good time really. I’m hoping to show you more some day soon.

For today, a nice little song by Woodpigeon I Live A Lot of Places


a few random outtakes


Happy weekend to all of you!

On Monday, my new working life will begin. Eeek! I think I’m a bit nervous.

In the meantime a few distractions:

I am delighted by the radical cartography of Harold Fisk found via About Today.

A movie about love, to love, Robert Zimmermann wundert sich über die Liebe

Soundtrack by Element of Crime

Also been enjoying Lisen’s wonderful blog

escape to uto kino


Sunday afternoon, I escaped to Uto Kino for a movie. When I’m in a movie theater, it often feels like my life has been put on “pause” and sometimes that’s exactly the right feeling to have.

The movie: A Thousand Years of Good Prayers

Food was a main feature in the movie. At times it even made me hungry to watch them eat.

A fabulous food blog that is new to me: Smitten Kitchen

a little get away (from it all)


Soaking up just a little bit more of Portland before we fly away to Zürich. One week now…