dreaming of screenprinting


This morning I awoke with one thing on my mind – screenprinting. So, I’m heading into the printmaking studio to work on this little lady.

Lately, I’ve been collecting lots of new blog addresses and then losing them two minutes later. (disorganized perhaps?)

These are a few of my new favorites:

Tiny Red

Anoushka and Ned

Life of Roo


out of focusstripes

Inspiration today: Lauren Nassef

and Olivia Jeffries found via Bloesem

Music today: Lali Puna

yet another…pink ribbon

pink ribbon againRight now, I’m inspired by:

Illustration with the brilliant trick of what’s put in and what’s left out over at The Plane Jane Project

The portraiture photography of Jenny Elia Pfeiffer

Music by Santogold (thanks L.T.L)

Letterpress by Pancake & Franks

The brilliant pairing of porcelain and thread by Diem Chau

when no one else is looking…

breakfast for dinner

Last week, Sandra asked this question:

What do you do when no one else is looking?”

At home alone, I often eat breakfast for dinner (easy to cook and makes me happy!). Tonight’s menu: blueberry pancakes with butter & maple syrup along with scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee.

But as you can see, I am never really at home alone…

lanterns with vintage florals & lace

shadow-likelanternsthrifty window

Vintage has been catching me eye lately. Maybe it’ll start to make its way back into my closet soon?

Something else that’s making its way into my head lately, Sia.

Now I’m off to read the recent installment in the Roadmaps series over at Design for Mankind.

birds of a feather

birdie boyThis little birdie-boy appeared in my sketchbook a week or two ago. After seeing these wonderfully sweet little owls, I decided to dress up my drawing with some watercolor.

I hope that the work of Katharina Ludwig makes your jaw drop like it did mine. Since I saw it, I have spent my nights dreaming of ice jewelry.

mobile swap: welcoming in some whimsy

mobile from michelle

Remember the Mobile Swap? Last week, this wonderfully whimsical mobile arrived in my mailbox. The sweet Michelle made it. Thank you so much Michelle! The mobile is so fun and whimsical and full of creative energy.

Along with the mobile, came a card in which Michelle described a bit about the mobile and herself. The card is posted on my refrigerator to remind me to love life as much as Michelle does. She is truly a beam of light!


camilla taylor postcardToday’s special! An interview with the amazingly talented artist Camilla Taylor.

Read it here!

More about Camilla can be found at her website Horse Flesh Productions

time capsule

selfA find from a three-year-old sketchbook. A self-portrait of sorts…and a time capsule.

Here’s a round up of a few of my favorite sightings from the blog neighborhood this week:

Hugo by Forest Eyes

Morning Tea & Draw by Fruenswerk2

Loosen Up by Diana Koehne

cross pollination: a few wishes float by

cross pollinationDecided to do another one of these little spring illustrations.

I’m feeling inspired by the lovely floral arrangements found at Saipua