one day closer to being close to teuscher


Time is ticking quite quickly here in Portland, Oregon. It won’t be long now and we’ll be soaring overhead in a jet plane on our way to Switzerland.

That means that I’m one day closer to being close to Teuscher. And that’s a very good thing indeed!

The posts might be slightly erratic around here for the next week or so. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day and not enough coffee and chocolate to get through my whole to-do list…

Wish me luck!


  1. Esti Jul 23

    This on the move mood is kinda contagious… Oh, I need to go on vacation…

  2. karin Jul 23

    Oh, Teuscher seems to be very interesting. Hope your list can be done!

  3. shash Jul 23

    sounds like you’ll be in switzerland while i’m in portland! exciting for you, but it would have been fun to meet up. i think we’ll only be in portland one day for breakfast. we’re camping at the festival, and my friend who’s driving can’t go for longer than the festival unfortunately. i’ve seen so many good breakfast spots mentioned on flickr. if you have a chance, i’d be happy to find out which are your favorites and why! i was in portland for a few days about 2 years ago now i guess and loved it. i was thinking about moving there at the time. i’m sure i’ll revisit the idea again, but for now i’m trying to keep my head in sf. (so easy for me to long for other places instead of living where i am.)

  4. sulu-design Jul 24

    I hope these last moments in Portland are wonderful for you. I’m so excited to hear about and see what awaits you in Switzerland. And I’m dying to see that haircut…

  5. Melissa Jul 24

    Hello there! I’m moving to Zurich on September 2 and just got tipped off to check out your blog. I’m about to click over to your flickr photostream too. Thanks for all the eye candy! Safe journey and maybe we can meet up for some chocolate. ;)

  6. thereza Jul 25

    good luck!!!! wishing you all the best! :)

  7. ambika Jul 27

    This post made me remember my sorrow at never tracking down any U.S. equivalent to Milka’s yogurt chocolate bars. I found a Ritter version in Canada but nothing closer to home. Sigh.

    Good luck in your journey!

  8. Liz Jul 29

    how is it I have never heard of these… must be a Swiss German thing!

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