how do you peach tart?


Alexandra had a wonderful post entitled, How to Apple Pie.

I was not only inspired but also hungry. So I went to the supermarket and came away with peaches instead of apples.

Here’s what happened:

1. Wash the peaches

2. Poach the peaches

3. Peel their skins away and slice

4. Eggs and sugar are always good

5. Cream and cognac are even better

6. Don’t forget to cheat and buy a pie crust at the market!

7. Put her in the oven

8. Eat on the balcony (as a naughty dinner for one)


  1. alice Aug 13

    My kind of recipe. Simple, and not with all those measurements….blech!

  2. sulu-design Aug 13

    Oh, for dinner. The best!
    So, about that job interview…

  3. karin Aug 14

    Would like to try.

  4. gracia Aug 14

    Yep, eaten on the balcony sounds a fitting end. Enjoy!

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