escape to uto kino


Sunday afternoon, I escaped to Uto Kino for a movie. When I’m in a movie theater, it often feels like my life has been put on “pause” and sometimes that’s exactly the right feeling to have.

The movie: A Thousand Years of Good Prayers

Food was a main feature in the movie. At times it even made me hungry to watch them eat.

A fabulous food blog that is new to me: Smitten Kitchen


  1. Lotte Aug 17

    Woooohhh a scary…but fantastic kino head…Lots of nice new photos Kristi…:D:D:D

  2. sasha Aug 18

    i love this photo of the staircase and crooked seeming window.

  3. karin Aug 19

    oh, a very wonderful old Kino.

  4. bibbi Sep 1

    Thank you for the inspiring Smitten Kitchen and congrats to both 300 posts and new job!

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