looks like this…


That’s what my stomach looks like right about now…

I am off to another job interview. Wish me luck!


  1. Sherry Aug 21

    Great metaphorical image for what your stomach has to say about interviewing for jobs and about moving across the great pond … and more stuff. The right job will magically appear at just the right time, and meanwhile TV is a good place to give the ol’ gray matter a rest, and the tummy, too, which has been listening to the ol’ gray matter’s spiel.

  2. karin Aug 21

    oh my, that’s not good. Hope, it “entwirrt sich” soon :)

  3. Kelly Aug 21

    You’re amazing, just remember that!!

  4. sulu-design Aug 21

    Sending strong vibes of luck your way. Hope the tunny untangles soon!

  5. sulu-design Aug 21

    Ummm… that would be tummy.

  6. Design for Mankind Aug 21


    And, when you’re nervous, blow on your thumb. It works! Really!

  7. Andrea Tachezy Aug 21

    Good luck! I know this feeling very good, but never tried to “show” how it is :-) This photo shows it perfectly.

  8. Liz Aug 21

    geez. what kind of jobs are you applying for?

  9. Esti Aug 21


  10. kristi Aug 22

    Thanks to you all for such sweet messages!
    They really made my day so much better.
    And I think that the interview went well. I am crossing my fingers for some good news.

  11. marie-louise Aug 22

    Good luck to you!

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