a wish and a cup of coffee


The wish is that a certain someone will take me to one of my favorite Zürich restaurants.

The cup of coffee was to prepare me for the second round of interviews. Many thanks for all of your lovely comments last time, they really worked!!!


  1. thereza Aug 26

    second round??? sounds good! i’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. best of luck!
    btw i nominated asphaltandair for blog award yesterday :) enjoy your evening.

  2. alexandra Aug 26

    ahhh I’ve finally got internet! Good luck with he interviews! seems lilke you are having sun in Zurich; how nice.
    By the way: Have you gotten the package yet? It was supposed to take only like three workdays to Switzerland and I sent it the 18th…

  3. Alice Aug 26

    what a cute little snack :)

  4. ambika Aug 26

    Good luck with the next round (after going through 5 interviews for my current job, I know *I* needed it!) & love the photos, especially the first with those bright blue shutters.

  5. Liz Aug 27

    I love the restaurant’s landing page! How fun!! :)

    Hang in there w/the interview circuit. It will all work out I’m sure. It always does…

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