evening drink


An early evening cappuccino at Schwarzenbach Café in the Zürich old town. Always a nice place to sit outside and enjoy watching the people stroll by.

I’ve been enjoying these two new blogs lately:

for you, for me

Just Don’t Tell Them Elks About It

Have you got any new music tips for me? My playlist is looking more than repetitive lately. I think that help is required. All suggestions are welcome.


  1. porter Sep 8

    I just love when they make the little leaf in your coffee! Always makes it so much better.

  2. mette/ungt blod Sep 8

    lovely photos! right now i can’t stop listening to a band called No kids! look them up!

  3. Marie-Louise Sep 9

    Just now in my ears – Amy Winehouse – Maybe it´s something for you… her voice are jazz and rock at the same time and I really like it!!

  4. karin Sep 9

    Sitting outside and drinking coffee, especially such a pretty one, is the best. Love the photo with the lamps!

  5. Esti Sep 9

    Can’t help you much about the music. All I seem to be listening to lately is the latest Bonnie Prince Billy (I’m completely hooked) and Devastations. Sorry!

  6. maria Sep 10

    it looks just perfect! zürich old town is always so charming.
    hmmm some music tips..have you heard Ladyhawke or maybe the new Sigur Rós?

  7. Alice Sep 11

    lovely as usual, i love the way your pictures are always contrasted with two main colours, here pink_red and deep blue, so relaxing to look at..

    maybe you would like this music : kathryn williams, album “Little Black Numbers” very relaxing..

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