what’s on the kitchen walls?


Oh dear, I’m a bit late in responding to this one. Mainly because my walls are still quite bare…. and I’m still not fully moved into my Zürich flat.

But with so many requests:


Eddy & Edwina

Just Don’t Tell Them Elks About It

How could I say no?

And now my request to show me your walls:

Sulu Design and Tiny Red


  1. Anne Sep 22

    oh, sweet!

  2. Esti Sep 23

    I’m enjoying this show your walls tag a lot!! It’s so much fun seeing everybody’s walls…

  3. ambika Sep 23

    This is my first intro to the wall tag but I’m *really* loving it. & having had the pleasure of seeing Susan’s apartment, I can’t wait to see her response.

  4. Alexandra Hedberg Sep 23

    I’m impressed that your walls already look so organized… and nice

  5. Lotte Sep 25

    Great to see your kitchen walls Kristi…like the postcard thing…Thanks for sharing…have a nice nice day…

  6. sulu-design Sep 29

    How did I not leave a comment here earlier? I have to thank you for the tag as I made me take my neglected camera out again and start shooting. I needed that.
    I’ve been loving seeing your new home through a few shots every day. I really hope you’re well (and I’m dying to know what work you’re doing).

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