christmas eve was all about…



I know that this isn’t a cooking blog. But Christmas Eve this year was all about the food so I decided to post about it. We stayed in and feasted with a simple menu.

To start: Blaues Wunder (a blue cheese made near Bern) and walnuts

In between: A salad of arugula, red onions and pine nuts with a balsamic dressing

The main: Salmon en Croute with herbed portobello mushroom and broccoli

To finish (not pictured here): Dark Chocolate Mousse


  1. sulu-design Dec 28

    Oh, I wish I’d been at that table!

  2. Alice Dec 28

    yummy !!

  3. Alexandra Hedberg Jan 1

    it looks so tasty and beautiful. I love good photos of food… it makes my mouth water.

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