when in Basel…


When in Basel, do drop in to the Holzofen Bäckeri Bio Andreas and pick up their version of a Schnägge.

I promise that it’ll sweeten just about any day especially when paired with a cappucino from Sutter’s in the train station.

If you’re not feeling slightly sweet and instead feeling slightly cynical: A Lover I Don’t Have to Love by Bright Eyes


  1. Sherry Jan 11

    Ahhh, the photo of a sweet treat and steamy cup of cappucino throws me back to times spent at cozy coffee shops in Copenhagen with a dearest friend; thanks for the memories!

  2. jeanette Jan 12

    yes, you’re right!
    der andreas beck versteht sein fach!
    auch die salzigen leckereien (mehr mein gebiet…!) sind ein hit!

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