for the love of wallpaper



Such a charming place with such charming wallpaper, Gasthaus zum guten Glück

Song for a day like today: The Knife, Heartbeats

A blog that’s new to me and one that I’m liking very much: Lea Bolvig


  1. lea Jan 27

    oh that is the most beautiful wall paper i have ever seen! i’m glad you like my photos! – looking forward to exploring your blog further : )

  2. karin Jan 28

    it looks so good and the name is super too.

  3. Melissa W. Jan 28

    Oh! I love this place, thank you for sharing it with me. I’ve been twice, once to check it out and then I brought my husband back with me. I do love that wallpaper, but that room has been sad and empty both times I’ve been there!

  4. andrea tachezy Jan 28

    So gemütlich!

  5. thereza Jan 29

    im not a wallpaper person but that one is gorgeous indeed! especially against that red chair…

  6. Alice Jan 31

    oh i love the harmony of colours :D

  7. shash Feb 5

    hi there,
    i just noticed i somehow missed getting you onto my links page in my newish site. not sure how that happened! will add you very soon. now i gotta catch up on what you’ve been up to!

  8. Anne Feb 5

    such a wonderful wallpapper, seems like a nice place indeed:)

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