du bist fantabulous!





In case you didn’t know, I just wanted to inform you that “DU BIST FANTABULOUS”

You are. You really are. Inspiration: Miranda July’s Assignment #63 Make An Encouraging Banner

Other sources of inspiration, the amazing bloggers who I have the pleasure of virtually collaborating with:

Thereza, Lotte, Like Bookends, Anairam, Esti, l’atelier and Lea

Anairam, would you lead usĀ into another wordweek?


  1. thereza Jul 19

    wow Kristi, it’s beautiful. is it fabric, paper? really gorgeous.
    and nice to see you going up the tree too :) have a fantabulous sunday!

  2. lea Jul 19

    finally finished with my contribution. what a great concept with the encouragement banner – clever weekword contribution! have a great sunday kristi : )

  3. Anairam Jul 19

    Oh, Kristi, I LOVE your banner! Yes, I also want to know if it is fabric or paper … and what a good idea to put up an encouraging poster every now and then to remind others that we are all in this (Life) together!

  4. Anairam Jul 19

    Oops, I meant to add – thank you for asking me – yes, great, I’ll choose the wordweek word this week – will post it tomorrow. (after a bit of a think!)

  5. e Jul 19

    love it love it love it! and i also love that you inspired your very own swiss treeclimber to support the world’s self-realization of fantabulousness!

  6. alexandra hedberg Jul 19

    the word was great – and I love your interpretation! Soon, soon I’ll be back to play with you…

  7. Asiye Jul 20

    thanks right back at ya!
    i really really loved the word, and it definitely has made its way to a perminent spot in my vocabulary.
    your interpretation is amazing and i love the flag! did you leave it in the tree? does the tree stand in the lindenhof?

  8. Esti Jul 20

    I love how you have worked on this one! It’s really cool!

  9. maria Jul 21

    What a great idea to put it up in the tree! :) is it still there?

  10. louise Jul 22

    I love your interpretation of this word too. It’s Fantabulous.

  11. nathalie Jul 23

    what can I say… FANTABULOUS!!!

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