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The wise woman is Alexandra Hedberg.  She’s turning Sundays into something a bit more serious.

I’m following her. Are you?

Since she asked, I am now spending a lot of time thinking about where I’m at. I also realized that I nearly forgot to mention here, where I’ve been spending more time lately. It’s a sweet little place I like to call Erika. It’s my studio. It’s where I’m trying to figure out where I’m at.


  1. Kristina – no penny for them & mostly berlin Aug 24

    i can totally relate to that. i’ve been freelancing for several years now after working full-time as an editorial manager for an art book publisher. sometimes i wonder if i’m occasionally losing what i’m after or los sight of where i’m at when it’s a lot about making do. but i find that starting to think about these things usually signals a gestation period for new ideas, and good will come from it.

  2. Ida Aug 25

    Lovely, lovely pictures of Erika.
    Also, I loved that blog post, so inspiring. Thanks for the link!

  3. Lady P Aug 25

    thanks for the link to alexandra – it inspires a lot of thought

  4. alexandra hedberg Aug 25

    Oh – you have gotten your studio finally! Congratulations! I seems to be a good place for contemplation .. and creativty? I am looking forward to seeing what you will find your way to in Erika.

    (thanks for linking to me!)

  5. P.K. Aug 25

    very timely, I am returning to my little studio after a summer of abandonment, and hope to get back on track. lovely photos.

  6. Rynke Sep 1

    Oooh, great images, but I’m in love with the 2nd one!

  1. erika, you’re the girl for me | asphalt and air

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