1. Kristina – no penny for them & mostly berlin Feb 14

    looking forward to it!


  2. ambika Feb 16

    Can’t wait to see you posting again soon!

  3. marie-louise Feb 17

    Hello Kristi,
    nice to hear from you again!

  4. gracia Feb 22

    You’re back! And how. Here’s to nonsense and all that follows suit.

  5. louise Feb 25

    Welcome back! Loving all your new posts and renewed spirit.

  6. marie-louise Feb 28

    It’s a nice pink mood in the post today!

  7. maria Mar 2

    good to have you back! and I like your little experiment.. but I like to comment, even if I don’t do it all the time:) LOVE the feb 28 photos.
    hope you’re having a good week kristi, say hi to your man! :)

  8. lotte Mar 3

    Sometimes it´s good with breaks…But nice to see your back again ;)

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