couples forming: cross pollination series

couple 4couple 3couple 2couple 1A few couples have formed through the cross pollination series. I’m still working to couple up a few singles and then I’ll call it a day. I think that I’m a matchmaker at heart…


  1. Design for Mankind Apr 23

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  2. karin Apr 23

    They look so good as couples and altogether.
    What are you planning with them?

  3. Esti Apr 24

    good matches indeed! I like this series.
    By the way, no need to come and cook dinner,ha, ha, very nice of you. My husband cooks dinner for him and the girls. If it’s something that I cannot miss I’ll have it too, ha, ha… And as for the sweet tooth… I just love candies and chocolate, but I’m not into cakes or pastry that much ;)Thank you for being so kind! You really cheered me up!

  4. maria Apr 25

    OOOoo!!! This is so wonderful, I love it! You are a matchmaker for REAL!

  5. kmm Apr 25

    *thanks* so much for all the love!
    makes me happy : )

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