Kristi was born with a miniature moving van tied to her left wrist. The moving van even transformed into a ship once or twice. During her childhood she collected rocks and gems and even attended rock shows. As a teen, she wore her hair in a bob and discovered that she badly needed eyeglasses. Once she first fled the freeways of Los Angeles, she found that there was a northbound bug planted in her personal navigation system. Amongst the Santa Cruz trees, she fell in love with Heidegger and hot coffee. Fortunately for her, the northbound bug was sick one day and she landed in Austin, Texas to give her heart away. The sickness soon faded and once again to the North she headed, this time towards the Swiss Alps. At a very sweet Hochschule she met her very first etching press and had a long affair with him. The affair ended rather suddenly when her adventures took her on a journey to California where she started to dapple in the joys of screenprinting. Lucky for her, the mighty fine breakfasts of Portland, Oregon could not be resisted and the moving van was loaded up again. Somewhere between California and Oregon she dipped her finger in Caran d’Ache gouache paint and nearly had to lick her finger for it was simply that delicious. In 2008, the Northwind blew again and Kristi started calling Kreis 3, Zürich her home. From 2008 until 2014 she lived in a nice, little flat that has terribly creaky floors. As 2014 drew to a close she packed her bags again and moved to Winterthur, Breite Quartier where she spends her free time picking up stray socks.

Kristi mainly works with gouache paints and ink on watercolor paper. She is also an avid photographer of the mundane and posts regularly on her blog, asphalt and air. As an extension of her blog, she has added the unrequested service of mailings to her list of tricks and antics. Should you get some post from her, there’s no real reason why. She just wanted to give a little something back.

Email:  hello (at) kristimoore.com